Community Ministries

Reaching the community.

Helping Hands

December 2010 saw the launching of our ‘Helping Hands’ street van ministry. Operating in the streets of New Farm, Spring Hill and the Valley, volunteers from CDM and other churches, offer food, soup and drinks to homeless and broken people. During the winter months we are able to give them blankets, sleeping bags, jumpers and beanies through the generosity of donors. More importantly though, we desire to bring hope through the gospel message and be Jesus to these people allowing prayer to be part of what we also offer them.

We are the Lord’s hands, feet and mouthpiece out on the streets. The beautiful scripture in Luke 4:18,19 says:

The spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor, He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.

This is what we are called to do through the love of God and through the power of His Holy Spirit and see our fellow man through Jesus’ eyes and with His heart of compassion.

Street Preaching

96% of our nation is rushing headlong to a Christless eternity. Their destiny for all eternity is the anguish of hell and not the joy of our Saviour’s presence. This is our burden, our vision, our generation, our nation, our time. If we do not stand between this nation and the gates of hell, who will?

We take this burden to the gates of the city, to the streets of Woodridge. You can find us Saturday evenings at 7.30pm on Station Road, Woodridge railway station – with our street van and those who serve on it, street preachers, one-on-one workers, and those who pray for the lost of this city and long to see God move in His mighty redemptive power.


God has given us a duty of care to minister to the broken hearted and those who are in need of support, emotional and spiritual. For those outside of the fellowship we can arrange Christian Counselling with a qualified Psychologist who has been working with the fellowship for nearly 10 years.

This ministry is sponsored by the fellowship as a means to reach out to those who may be experiencing difficulties in life and who are not part of our Christian community. Contact us for more information of how to access this ministry.


We believe that marriage is for life, and is a sacred partnership between God, and a couple. It is the foundation of a healthy church community and as such we work to strengthen marriages in CDM Church. We provide for those preparing for marriage and for those who desire to enrich their marriage. This is done though making available the “Prepare and Enrich” course. We provide the “Prepare and Enrich” course for all those contemplating marriage within our church community as a service to assist those preparing for marriage. Those within the fellowship desiring to strengthen their relationships after marriage can access this ministry as well. We have trained facilitators who can take individual couples through this course or groups of couples if so desired. This course is arranged by appointment, contact us if you are interested in pursuing such assistance.

Home Groups

We believe that church life is not a series of managed events but a dynamic that rises from being a life transforming community. As such our home meetings are a place for communing around a meal and fellowshipping with each other on a personal basis. Our home meetings provide the place where we as a body meet for prayer and the study of the word. These meetings are a place where “family” build strong connections with one another in Christ. They are a place where we enjoy the diversity of our divergent cultures yet celebrate our union in Christ.

Prayer Meetings

We recognise that the basis for a life transforming fellowship is built in communion with Jesus. It is for this reason our prayer meetings are a time where we approach the Throne of Grace with confidence. We know that Our Heavenly Father is desirous to meet with us as we lay our requests before Him. Our prayer times are times of significance as we praise God for all that He has done and enter into intercession for those He lays on our hearts. It is there that he fashions and prepares our hearts for the week ahead.

Family Ministries

Caring for the whole family.

Kids for Christ

Our children’s program is aimed at training the hearts of our beautiful children- the next generation of leaders.

We aim to teach the children that Jesus is real and provide practical application of Biblical Principles to everyday life. We aim to encourage them to live out their relationship with Jesus everyday and reach out to those around them.

Our dedicated team of teachers aim to assist the children in understanding who Jesus is and how he wants them to live as special people of God.


We aim to provide for the boys a God centred, full-on, creative, loving, understanding and accepting environment. Acceptance for all their awesome gifts and personalities, even the so-called scary ones.

Tragically, the wonder and power (for Good) of boys is being lost and many are dying slow and painful deaths, spiritually and physically. Living lives without any great purpose, hope or moral platform.

What boys need to discover, is that they are each uniquely equipped with God-given talents, designed to live a life which Honours God in Purity, Passion, Risk and Sacrifice. This is our vision for Boys.


Many influences are associated around the time of entering high school and being a teenager. We recognise this as a pivotel time in being able to affectively reach, connect and influence the lives of young girls.

At Girls, we aim to build lasting friendships, learn more about the path God has for each individual life and have fun! In a world that places great emphasis on outward appearance, we create an evironment to build self esteem and self worth to enable these girls to grow into exceptional women of God, pleasing to Him.


Our desire is to see your teenagers grasp the concept that they can have a very real relationship with Jesus and then live that out in their daily life.

With our youth we aim to provide a balanced approach to both biblical studies and social activities. Our biblical studies are interactive and there is a strong desire to discuss the Word together. There is also a strong push for scripture memorisation. We believe the Word of God is the key to the youth of today!

Any youth between grade 8 and 12 are welcome. See us on for more details and semester programs.


We esteem the role of women in ministry. Our women meet together on a weekly basis where women come together to dedicate some time to prayer and to intercede for the needs within the life of our church and community. If you have prayer needs or would like to join us in prayer you are welcome. You may also send prayer requests to our church email address and we will ensure that we pray for those requests on your behalf. If you would like more information with regard to this meeting please contact us.

Global Ministries

Reaching nations for Jesus.

Around the World

We in CDM Church have a desire to reach out to the World for Jesus. We recognise the incredible opportunity afforded to us by Australia’s commitment to open its doors to those around the world through “Multiculturalism”. Within the Logan area we have 158 different nationalities living side by side, a world harvest field at home.

We also support a mission work in China in the form of an orphanage and medical centre for disadvantaged and abandoned babies with serious ailments and clubfeet.

We have a missionary in Cambodia who is working with those who have been rescued from lives of abuse and violence after being sold into the brothels there as children.

We have an ongoing interest in the Central Philippines as we assist a small community there as they establish themselves from being displaced squatters to the forming of a recognised community.

Philippines Rubberband Ministries

The Rubber Band Project is a faith project, which sponsors a group of children based in Buntatala, Iloilo, Philippines. The motto of the rubber band mission is “Stretched to be effective!”.

Bea MacLean envisioned the mission in 2007 after running a feeding program in the same area for a year. The program is based on having no contracts and attracting no extra administration fees – except for a $1 money transfer fee every month. Our aim is to give the sponsored children a better lifestyle, and in doing so share the love of Jesus. Their families are very poor and were squatters before the government relocated them to Buntatala. The children receive 100% of the gifted money, which is divided to their needs as follows:


This is our priority, to supply school fees, uniforms, and supplies.


Once a week we have a Feeding Program. The balance of money is then spent on groceries for the families. All involved meet at the supermarket together, so it is an exciting time.


Sunday services are run on every first and third Sunday’s of the month, which also includes Sunday School for the kids. There is also a Wednesday class for Mums (& Dads), as well as the children who are not in school.


Once a month a games day is orgnised for those on the program, and once a year there is also a family day and a field trip. A Christmas Party is also organised.