October - December 2011

What it is to be a life transforming community? Church is not an organised Sunday event, but a holy, life transforming community connected together under Jesus as our Head. As such this community is authentic, it is not interested in presenting a superficiality; a hypocritical facade but is built on and practices the truth. It’s a Spiritual community that focuses on transforming the life to conform to the maturity of Christ. It holds out the good news that there is hope for those who are broken by sin and it is Christ’s community of faith and love which makes a difference in this sin sick world.

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1 Elements of Community Oct 16, 2011 LISTEN
2 Authenticity Oct 23, 2011 LISTEN
3 Transforming Nov 13, 2011 LISTEN
4 Spiritual Nov 20, 2011 LISTEN
5 Good News Nov 27, 2011 LISTEN
6 Broken Hearted Dec 4, 2011 LISTEN