Heaven on Earth

February - March 2013

There is an old saying, “He is so heavenly minded that he is of no earthly use”, the idea being communicated is that a person’s belief in God and his mindset on God, if not practiced in his relationship to man is pointless. It was a little ditty used against anyone who was more zealous in their spiritual walk than someone else. A poor way to make everyone feel equal.


From what I have observed in our church society the saying could quite accurately be reversed, “He is so earthly minded he is of no heavenly use”


This series of sermons, looks to explore the wonders of being heavenly minded. We are exhorted to set our minds on things above, where our lives are hid with Christ in God. ( Col 3:1-3) What exactly are the “things” we should be focusing on?

Listen to Sermons

1 Heaven on Earth Feb 3, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
2 In Him Feb 10, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
3 The Family of God Feb 17, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
4 Choose Your Influence Feb 24, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
5 Seated Together at Last Mar 3, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
6 Brought near by the Blood Mar 10, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
7 Just like Him Mar 17, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
8 Heaven’s Purpose on Earth Mar 24, 2013 LISTEN NOTES