Prayer that Overcomes

August - October 2013

In this series on Prayer that Overcomes we will be looking at the dynamic of prayer. We will be exposing  the enemy of our prayers and exploring the wonderful strength that God provides us through His truth in our lives through Jesus. The armour of God makes us ready to resist every evil scheme and press through into the mighty will of God for our lives and for the lives of those we reach out to. Prayer that overcomes is series that equips us to remain hot for God when the love of most grows cold.

Listen to Sermons

1 Be strong in the Lord Aug 11, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
2 Stand Your Ground Aug 18, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
3 Keep your belt on Aug 25, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
4 Continuous Communion Sep 1, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
5 Unshakeable Peace Sep 8, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
6 Why do we have to pray? Sep 15, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
7 Shield of Faith Sep 22, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
8 Change Your Mind Sep 29, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
9 5 Stones from the River Oct 13, 2013 LISTEN NOTES