Preparing To Build

October 2012

In the Days of Noah, God’s instructed Noah to build an Ark that would save them from the coming destruction. In these last ┬ádays we are told that it will be like the days of Noah, before destruction is brought to bear on humanity. God in his mercy has called men and women out who have found favour in the eyes of God to build Ark’s for the saving of souls. His church communities become the vessels by which those who are turning from their sins are kept safe with Jesus. Work with us as we build His Ark for the saving of souls.

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1 Rebuilding The Foundations Oct 7, 2012 LISTEN NOTES
2 God's Judgement Oct 7, 2012 LISTEN NOTES
3 God's Mercy Oct 14, 2012 LISTEN NOTES
4 Glory Not Shame Oct 28, 2012 LISTEN NOTES