May 2012

Christian Psychology, is a study of the human condition from the perspective of the Word of God. In this series we discuss the creation of man both material and immaterial, we look at the moral fall in Eden and its consequences for all humanity, we spend time looking at how our amazing brain works and what we need to do to take responsibilities for our sinful behaviour. In any discussion of psychology we need to address the issue of suffering in our lives and the choices we have accordingly. We finished this series with a beautiful exposition of the New Creation, and its restoration of perfection for our lives and fellowship with Father God through Jesus our Saviour.

Listen to Sermons

1 Creation of Perfect Man May 6, 2012 LISTEN
2 What We Think May 13, 2012 LISTEN
3 Man and His Choices May 20, 2012 LISTEN
4 The Re-Creation May 27, 2012 LISTEN