June - July 2013

We are born because of relationships and we are born into relationships, Not all of those relationships have helped and provided us with security and significance. In fact most of our difficulties within life and society are born on the back of failed and mismanaged relationships. This series discusses the metaphor that physical relationships give us of our spiritual relationship with our Father in Heaven and gives very practical principles for the healing of both natural and spiritual connections in God.

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1 One Heart Jun 16, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
2 Family Challenges Jun 23, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
3 Honouring Jun 30, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
4 Becoming a young adult Jul 14, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
5 Generating Life Jul 21, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
6 At Work Jul 28, 2013 LISTEN NOTES