The Law

July 2012

Come with us as we discuss some of the ideas encompassed in the foundation of Law.
In this series we will look at Law and Judgement. We will discuss how Jesus denounces judgmental attitudes but encouraged the believer to be discerning; to judge that which is considered to be good fruit. We will explore how to be discerning in the Body of Christ and the issues on which ¬†we need to express more flexible attitudes. We explore the Law of love and freedom and how God’s Boundaries define our liberties and living within those boundaries is an expression of our love for God. Finally we turn to look at righteousness which comes by trusting in Jesus and not by the adherence to the articles of Mosaic Law.

Listen to Sermons

1 Law & Judgement Jul 8, 2012 LISTEN NOTES
2 The Law of Love Jul 15, 2012 LISTEN NOTES
3 The Law & Freedom Jul 22, 2012 LISTEN NOTES
4 The Law & Righteousness Jul 29, 2012 LISTEN NOTES