Walk Worthy

April - May 2013

Christianity is not a Sunday event, nor is it a set of finely defined rituals that need to be observed with rigour, Christianity is a “walk”, a life style , a way of living that acknowledges the divine presence and call of God on an individual’s life within the household of God. It’s a life lived in fellowship with God, empowered by the Spirit of God. It’s a walk that reflects the Love, Light and Wisdom that comes from union with the Spirit of Jesus out to a lost world. This series of sermons discusses some of those aspects of that new and living way that we have entered with each other and our Father God.

Listen to Sermons

1 Walk Worthy Apr 7, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
2 You Choose Your Chains Apr 21, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
3 Walking in Love Apr 28, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
4 Walking the Difference May 5, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
5 Worthy Appetite May 12, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
6 Walking Full May 19, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
7 Children of Light May 26, 2013 LISTEN NOTES
8 Transformed Walk Jun 9, 2013 LISTEN NOTES